Previous Broadcasts

July, 97

Are Machines Really Smarter Than Man?
Discussion around events that occurred in the movie 2001 and whether they will actually exist by then.
Voice Recognition
Artificial Intelligence

August, 97

Man Vs Computer

Discussion about the IBM Deep Blue chess match. Are machines really thinking?

September, 97

Operating Systems
Windows NT 4  and Windows NT 5
Windows 95 and Windows 98
Windows CE

October, 97

The Internet

Interview with local Internet Service Provider Buckeye Web partner - Dave Davies. 

November, 97

Special Comdex Report on newly announced technologies.  
Flat panel displays
Cable Modems
Bill Gates' Keynote Address

December, 97

1997 - The Year in Review and 1998 Predictions

January, 98

Personal Computers
Digital Phones
New Ways of Connecting to the Internet
Digital Cameras