What is Virtually Everything?

Virtually Everything (VE) is a radio show broadcast in Northeast Ohio that focuses on sharing information about technologies with not-necessarily technically oriented listeners.   The show is hosted by two brothers, John and Ray Paganini.

Why Listen?

Technology is changing so fast that it impossible to keep up with it.   The Paganini brothers, John and Ray, sift and filter through the maze of data. They present a condensed, understandable and sometimes humorous summary of relevant information.   The listener is presented with a clearer knowledge of the technology and can see how they may be affected today and tomorrow. 

Who the heck are the Paganini brothers?

John and Ray both make their living in the information technology industry.  They each have many common interests and of course have their own thinking on how things could and should be. 

Ray Paganini

Ray started his career in the IT world in 1984. Some of his extensive experience includes Systems Programming and Development around the Cleveland area. In 1993, Ray started his own company and is now is President of Cornerstone IT

John Paganini

John has been in the IT industry for about 20 years which included many different geographical locations.  He has been a Computer Operator, Systems Analyst, Application Developer, Manager of Computer Services, Chief Information Officer, and more.


The Radio Station








We do not appeal to the masses, but seek communities of people who are unserved by other broadcast entities. These audiences are based on geographic community; cultural, nationality or religious heritage; or a broad variety of unique special interests.
WELW RADIO   WILLOUGHBY, OHIO [440] 946-1330  (www.welw.com)


Contact Info

(440) 639-0486
General Information: ray@paganini.com