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A collection of very special Italian recipes gathered from friends, Romans and countrymen.

Would you like to have an exciting new Italian cookbook that has it all? Its’ 269 pages will introduce you to delicious recipes that range from appetizers to desserts. Between the covers of this book you will find 19 color photographs and 253 recipes that were collected from cities and provinces as far North as the border and as far South as the bottom of the boot. It is peppered with vignettes, humor, history and related antidotes. Interest and humor grace its pages.

In it, the reader finds recipes and hints from fancy restaurants, the local trattoria and from family members living all over Italy. It was conceived by a cooking instructor who has spent many months living and writing in Italy.

The result is a very unique cookbook which will please the gourmet cook and provide an introduction for the novice into the art of Italian cooking. Mainly, it serves everyone an interesting read.

bulletAnd Noah, he often said to his wife, when he sat down to dine; "I don't care where the water goes if it doesn't get into the wine". G.k. Chesterton